Nouvelle Vogue September 2010 The Hotel Designer: Philippe Maidenberg. Architect Philippe Maidenberg has emerged as the hotel designer du jour, stamping his distinctive style on a number of Parisian hotels. “My parents had a travel company so the hotel environment has always fascinated

Military industrial complex Like a small conservatory, its steel frame impeccably lacquered green, the hôtel Windsor Opéra's single-story entry pops up unexpectedly on a street not far from the tatty hubbub of the Paris garment district. “It was an old, small

Paris Scenery What to see, do and eat in Paris during fashion week. In the heart of the 18th arrondissement, Philippe Maidenberg designed the quirkily decorated and comfortable 44-room Hôtel Joyce. It boasts a glass-roofed breakfast room equipped with Fifties furniture and

Philippe Maidenborg, the decoration expert April 2010 BIG CHILD. The latest hotel everyone is talking about in Paris, the Joyce Hotel: that’s him. Le Six in the 6th arrondissement: him again. The next hotel to be built in the Parisian “Gold Triangle”

123 Sebastopol Hotel November 2013 Located near the Grand Rex, this new hotel pays tribute to cinema and its artists. Each floor is named after one of the famous comedians and directors who participated in the design of the bedrooms, under the

There is joy in the Joyce Hotel April 2010 The Architect and Designer Philippe Maidenberg disseminated numerous good decoration ideas in this freshly inaugurated hotel. 3 pieces of evidence – Ancient luxury car leather seats as breakfast room chairs, a black and

Interior Designer, Renovation’s keystone March 2010. “Our job could be compared to what a film director does” says interior designer Jean-Philippe Nuel. His colleague Philippe Maidenberg then adds “a form of staging indeed but always within technical regulations”.  Nevertheless, creativity remains

The Taste of others By Cécile Pivot. Photos: Anne-Emmanuelle Thion Philippe Maidenberg headed the refurbishment, architecture and interior design of the 123 Sébastopol****, a true anthem to cinema. At every floor, one can find beautiful tricks to seize. Action! Not far from the Gaîté

Panache and lightness At the time, the painter Jean-Jacques Henner took as a model a young girl nicknamed Joyce, Georges Sand and Frédéric Chopin were lovers and Alexandre Dumas wrote in an appartment decorated by Eugène Delacroix. This neighborhood was the one

Paris at the beach December-January 2009-2010 At the entrance, the 200 miniature Eiffel towers that constitute the desk set the humorous tone imagined by Philippe Maidenberg, an architect already known for several hotels with the same group. Then, the ipe parquet and the carpet,

Maisons éphémères Trois horloges au design 1950 rythment l'heure du Joyce Hôtel la première indique celle de Paris, la deuxième marque le temps de Somewhere. La dernière, Moon, est dans la lune. Bienvenue dans le monde de Philippe Maidenberg. Petit garçon, Philippe

Lights, camera, action! To decorate the 123 Sebastopol, new 4-star hotel on the Grands Boulevards in Paris, Philippe Maidenberg, architect and interior designer, played with the complicity of leading cinema figures: Jean-Paul Belmondo, Claude Lelouch, Danièle Thompson, Agnès Jaoui, Jean-Pierre Bacri,

A traditional-hype stay in Paris July 2010 The latest Parisian hype: the Joyce Hotel. Enjoy this atypical address for fashionistas, with an Eiffel style glass roof and cute black and white bedrooms, all of them unique. Le Joyce Hôtel. From 160 € /

Stylish stays Élisabeth Cranck-Dumas, August-September 2010 IN A DECIDEDLY different but equally creative style, the Joyce is the newest fashionable place to stay in northern central Paris. The nerve center of the hotel is its spacious, airy breakfast room that juxtaposes fifties-inspired

The discreet charm of the Joyce Hotel June 2010 Quietly nested in the theater area around the place Saint-Georges, there is a 44-room boutique hotel designed by architect Philippe Maidenberg: scarlet lamps, delicate trompe-l’œils around the beds, and lots of other poetic ideas that

Joyce Hôtel With a name inspired by the artistic gaiety which since the eighteenth century has been associated with the arts, the Joyce Hotel pays homage to the painter J-J Henner and Joyce, the model who inspired him. Owned by the

The Joyce, France March 2010 Where? In Paris, in the 9th arrondissement, Saint-Georges neighborhood, 29 rue la Bruyère. Project completion? Fall 2009. What's inside? Designer furniture (Starck, Dharma, Thonet), organic products by N Ki in the bathrooms. We like? The committment to the environment, the breakfast room and its

Joyce Hôtel, a model of committment for the environment October 2010 The Joyce Hotel opened its gates in November 2009 in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. The management agreed with architect Philippe Maidenberg to think of environment-friendly solutions. The Astotel Group wanted

Joyce Hotel: chic design April-May 2010 This 44-room 3-star boutique hotel just opened. Distinguishing features? A cheerful mix of comfort, elegance an wry allusions. As you walk in, the tone is set by the reception desk designed by Philippe Maidenberg with a

The Cinema Hotel by Francis Blaise A hotel like no other has just opened between the Grand Boulevards and the Marais in Paris. In that area close to the legendary Grand Rex Theatre, 123 Sebastopol is dedicated to cinema, films and artists

Hôtel particulier Text by Lime Mistral. Photos by CP. If our capital cruelly lacks ambitious projects, it has loads of little treasures that just need to be discovered. Evidently the Hotel Joyce is one of them. Designed and renovated by Architect and

What's up? Here is a new "gem hotel" nested at the heart of the 9th arrondissement, with 44 rooms including a suite (nights from €180 to €380), all decorated in a joyful and colorful tone by Philippe Maidenberg. The architect winks to

Joyful stop in Paris Philippe Maidenberg is one of these architects who transport you in the blink of an eye in a world of their own, far from the chichis and hotel concepts that take themselves too seriously. Opened in December 2009

Close-up : The Joyce Hôtel Situated at the heart of Paris, this chic and charming 3-star hotel firmly claims its environmental-friendliness and multiplies environmental initiatives: waste sorting, 50% renewable energies, eco and recycled equipment

Hotel from outer space With a first name borrowed from painter Henner's muse, a palette where azure blue sketches the mood of the day, a setting with solid character, the Joyce Hotel is the antitode to gloominess. By Noémie Barré. Photos Claude

The chosen dishes of Christophe Hay Chief executive of the Bessé Signature Group, Christophe Hay takes hold of the urban and colorful design of architect Philippe Maidenberg to launch the new restaurant of the Hôtel Bel-Ami, Les Mots passants*. There, assisted

Hollywood Version The 123 Sébastopol, a new 4-star hotel in Paris, chose a decoration style inspired by cinema. This hotel should please the film-lovers! Inside the 123 Sébastopol, all the decoration has been thought to remind the inside of a cinema or a film

123 Sebastopol Hotel – Like in the movies! Just opposite the Gaite Lyrique, this new 4 star hotel in the Boulevard Sebastopol declares its love for cinema. The reception desk reminds an American box office, the entrance wall with its hand

Les 10 meilleurs hôtels français selon TripAdvisor Le 123 Sébastopol à Paris (75002)- Prix moyen en 2015 sur TripAdvisor : 343 € - 693 avis dont "Nous avons vraiment apprécié notre séjour dans cet hôtel, notamment pour l'accueil exceptionnel de tout

Hôtel Joyce 7/10 Architect Philippe Maidenberg has been gradually making his mark on Paris hotels, combining all you need in the way of air conditioning and i-pod docks with quirky details. The reception desk is made of stacked-up Eiffel Towers and

Hôtel 123 Sébastopol**** Lights, camera, action! The Hôtel 123 Sébastopol celebrates cinema from the lobby to the upper floors where stars of the silver screen have contributed to the decoration of the spaces. Lovers of cinema are sure to be won

Le Bar de l’Hôtel Bel-Ami (Paris 6e) C’est le bar d’hôtel idéal pour ronronner de plaisir dans ses nouveaux fauteuils en profitant de la douceur des lieux (mais pas trop fort, vous êtes tout de même dans un hôtel 5 étoiles). Avec

Les 15 meilleurs hôtels français en 2015 selon Tripadvisor L'année commence de la meilleure des manières pour certains hôtels français. Le site participatif Tripadvisor a dévoilé le nom des 25 d'entre eux qui ont marqué les internautes et qui font figurent de référence

Top ten hostels in EuropeGalding October 2010 Meininger, London, United Kingdom. The Meininger chain of hostels can be found mostly in big cities across Germany and Austria. The London outpost, though not particularly British in spirit, is a welcome, well-scrubbed addition to

L’architecte designer Philippe Maidenberg signe deux hôtels parisiens Mars 2009 On devait déjà à Philippe Maidenberg l’Hotel 123 dans le VIIIème et l’Hotel Lorette dans le IXe, deux adresses remarquées pour le style original et tendance. Il faut dire que l’architecte puise dans sa