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Guide Vuitton 2011


Amusing charm

With seventeen hotels in Paris, The Astotel Group is one of the most enterprising of the space, targeting the convenient market of the 3-star hotels, for which the group expands the category in three levels to better distinguish its concepts. The Joyce, inaugurated in 2009, is in the “prestige” category, on paper at least, while its decor and services make it an amusing address full of malicious decoration ideas signed by Philippe Maidenberg, who already accounts for several hotels for this very chain. Common themes: Paris, with an Eiffel tower upside-down, and the trompe-l’œil with its headboards drawn on the walls. Fasten your seat belt for breakfast time, in your car seat that includes the headrest. Just opposite, the Monterosa (30, rue La Bruyère. IXth. Tél.: 01 48 74 87 90), 36 bedroom hotel by Astotel also designed by the architect.