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Joyful stop in Paris

Philippe Maidenberg is one of these architects who transport you in the blink of an eye in a world of their own, far from the chichis and hotel concepts that take themselves too seriously. Opened in December 2009 in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, the Joyce Hotel is in his image – inventive, warm and witty. “I wanted a fun and light place”, Philippe said. Target met.

As shows, from the entrance, the astonishing breakfast room situated under an Eiffel style glass roof, well of light magnified by countless mirrors reflecting the sky, the vegetation wall and the large animated cloud suspended in the air. A permanent show that one can enjoy even more once sitting on the Thonet chairs or the long leather seat made of luxury car seats. In the same audacious vein, the 44 rooms (including 1 suite) are accessible by an elevator or a starred staircase.

All the rooms have a muted atmosphere, with, for some, a terrasse or a nice view on the rooftops. Dominant black and white, window-dessing bookshelves, pillows with colors high in vitamins, flannel on the wardrobe doors, prince-de-galles printed patterns (scanned from the architect’s pants) on the carpets… From design pieces to ingenious ideas, the Joyce Hotel is a must, a whiff of gaiety and fresh air in the capital.