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Joyce Hôtel, a model of committment for the environment

October 2010

The Joyce Hotel opened its gates in November 2009 in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. The management agreed with architect Philippe Maidenberg to think of environment-friendly solutions. The Astotel Group wanted to open a new hotel in a spirit of environment-friendliness, by involving its teams. The reflection then started with Sophie Cortese, the group’s Director of Quality and Sustainable Development. The 44-room hotel should be granted the eco-label. 

Respect and aesthetics 

Thanks to a contract signed with EDF, the hotel contributes to the development of renewable energy sources with up to 50% of its electricity consumption, while all the light bulbs are low consumption. In the bathrooms for instance, where the light bulbs took quite some time to reach their maximum power, more efficient lightbulbs had to be found. “The most difficult part is to commit to sustainable development while keeping our aesthetical expectations.” said Sophie Cortese. In that spirit, IT devices have been granted the European label Energy Star and the TVs are also among those which consume the smallest energy resources.

Green products

The Joyce Hotel offers its clientele the range of N Ki organic products whose formulas have been labelled Ecocert and Cosmebio, with the preoccupation to replace packaged products by refillable soap and shower gel dispensers. All the hotel taps include foamers, and the toilet paper is made from recycled paper.


The monitoring of the electricity and water consumption will be established, as well as a waste reduction plan that will apply to the rooms, which will get several dustbins for sorting waste. This, as well as the laundry and towels on-demand change are measures that involve both the client and the staff. The three employees in charge of housekeeping have been trained and use Ecocert-labelled environment-friendly products. Thus, a poster information campaign on these daily acts will be set in motion as soon as the hotel is granted its “Eco label”.

Organic breakfasts

For breakfasts, organic products are preferred, with bread and pastries from the organic baker Moisan and fair trade coffees and teas. Step by step, everything is put in place. For now, the clientele is very French but foreigners, especially Spaniards and Italians, also appreciate this little Parisian place whose rooms are priced from 160 to 280 euros. The Astotel Group wishes to continue on the environmental path for all of its hotels.